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The Affordable Way to Improve Your Smile

MTM® Clear•Aligner

With MTM® Clear•Aligner’s innovative approach to bracket-free orthodontics, you can achieve great results without traditional braces. What’s more, you can do so in a fraction of the time and cost of many other aligner or wire treatments.

Getting Comfortable with Your New Smile

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment to beautify your smile, but are concerned about your personal comfort, you’re not alone. In a recent consumer study*, 80% of respondents listed “comfort” as their #1 concern. MTM® Clear•Aligner is custom-fabricated for each patient by your dentist or orthodontist to gently move teeth into correct alignment . And they are fully removable, making eating, brushing and flossing easy. Shortly after initial placement and wear, the aligners will adapt easily into your daily routine.

Clearly a Great Choice

With MTM® Clear•Aligner, you can smile with clear confidence. Our aligners are manufactured to achieve excellent clarity and are virtually undetectable. Both MTM®System aligners use a proprietary plastic that is PVC and BPA free.

On average, the MTM® system is only a fraction of the cost of many other clear aligner treatments as well as traditional wire braces*. And did you know that the MTM® system is covered under most orthodontic insurance plans? First, see how the MTM® system stacks up in our cost comparison chart..

For More info visit http://www.mtmclearaligner.com/
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Holding back is a thing of the past A new smile lets you bloom


If you’re uncomfortable with your teeth, you could be holding back who you really are. The Invisalign system offers the results of braces, without wearing braces. The systems is a series of custom-molded clear trays that guide teeth into proper alignment. Invisalign trays are virtually invisible when worn, and are removable for mealtimes and cleaning. It’s a discreet, convenient, modern alternative to traditional metal braces that are attached for months or years.

So check with your dentist to see if it’s right for you. And let the real you bloom with a new smile.

For more info, please visit the Invisalign site