Our Richmond dentists understands the importance of correctly aligned teeth and jaws and how vital it is to your overall health and wellbeing. They are able to provide several avenues of treatment to correct problems like:

  • Tooth crowding
  • Advanced wear
  • Excessive spacing
  • Overbite problems

…and many other misalignment concerns, typically without referring you to an off-site orthodontic specialist.


Do I Need Traditional Braces?

Orthodontic problems that cannot be accomplished with Invisalign can be completed at our Richmond practice via conventional “bracket and wire” (or “braces”) treatment. During your consultation, our trained dentists will discuss the best type of orthodontics for your oral health needs and personal preferences.


What to Expect

Impressions of your teeth, photos and other evaluation tools are recorded in the office and a treatment plan is created to fit your specific needs to create the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

After we apply your braces, we’ll see you every six weeks or so to monitor and adjust your appliances. Most people complete their treatment between six to 24 months. Schedule your consultation today to find out more!