Botox in the dental office

botoxBOTOX is the most popular, non-surgical cosmetic treatment in North America.  It is most commonly used to reduce or eliminates frown lines, forehead creases, crow’s feet near the eyes, lines on the upper lip and thick bands in the neck.  It temporarily blocks nerve impulses that activate muscle contractions and cause wrinkles.  This gives the skin a smooth, relaxed, and refreshed appearance.

This treatment offers a number of advantages for women and men seeking wrinkle reduction. It’s a trusted therapeutic choice used by millions for true anti-aging results.  It has been used safely and successfully for wrinkle therapy for over 23 years.  Botox is a purified protein which is safely metabolized by the body.  There is no permanent side effect known with BOTOX therapy for facial wrinkles.  There is no downtime with this procedure.  The appointments are short, and you are fine to carry on with your day as normal, no one will be able to tell you had it done.  It allows for natural movement of the face.  Results last 3-4 months and even longer with repeated use.

Botox has therapeutic uses and is not just a cosmetic agent.  If your clenching and grinding excessively Botox can impair your ability to perform these habits, saving your teeth and relaxing your tense muscles.  People who suffer from headaches are getting relief with Botox, the occurrence and severity of their headaches significantly diminishes.  People who suffer from Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) can use Botox to inhibit sweat glands secretions and successfully control their Hyperhydrosis.

Botox Cosmetic Dr. A Sahota is now trained and certified by Physician Training Centre to provide Facial Botox treatment.

In September of 2007, the College of Dental Surgeons of BC broadened the scope of practice for general and esthetic dentists to include the use of Botox for both cosmetic and therapeutic use.

To date, only a handful of dentists in British Columbia have taken the necessary training to provide these services to their clients. Deputy registrar Alex Penner stated, in a recent National Post article about a Victoria dentist trained in Botox, that “dentists know the musculature and anatomy of the face better than most physicians because that’s all we do.” And they are certainly more comfortable providing facial injections.

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